Financial independence – dare to feed the rhino?

Graeme PegmanBusiness Owners, Financial Planning

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Do you have what it takes to achieve financial independence? There’s a famous book that compares human behaviour in the pursuit of goals to two contrasting giants of the animal world. Rhinoceros Success, written by businessman and life coach Scott Alexander when he was just 23, has sold over 3.5m copies worldwide by likening life’s do-ers to rhinos and life’s complainers to the common cow.

According to Alexander, success is a mindset; it is within our power to choose how we think, and therefore how we behave, and by emulating the mighty rhino we can face life’s challenges in a way which brings us success.

A good way to find out which animal you are is to ask yourself 2 questions: ‘What do I want?’ and ‘Do I want it bad enough to go out and get it?’ If your second answer is yes, then welcome to Rhino Culture. You are ready to take action, put in the effort and build your resilience to setbacks along the way.

Unlike the slow moving, passive cow, the rhino seizes each day for its adventure, charging head-on for the sheer challenge and fun of it. The cow mentality is dependent, often mistaking their ‘take care of me’ and ‘give me’ attitude for a need for security. Cows need structure – paid employment, set holidays, coffee breaks and prescribed duties which never exceed their job description. They feel dissatisfaction with their parameters, but only ever complain about it. Rhinos have a natural ‘I’ll go out and get it’ mentality. Their motivation is real life itself, and they are fed by the daily challenges they face. Rhinos embrace adventure, and their thick skin gives them the confidence to charge in, hooves pounding, ready and prepared for obstacles in their way.

So how motivated are you, really?

Nothing worth having ever comes easily, and if success were without challenge, no life-changing journey would ever be made, and no satisfaction would be gained. Alexander looks at the perilous journeys made by mountain climbers who take their lives in their hands to scale dangerous and inhospitable landscape. ‘Why don’t they take a helicopter ride to the peak to enjoy the amazing view and stay safe?’ we may ask. Well, the clue is in their name; it is the climbing of the mountain that brings them success, and careful preparation that thickens their skin to the challenge they know is ahead.

In our own lives, financial independence is a huge goal. Taking control of your money so that you are in charge of your future is true rhinoceros behaviour. Financial Planning identifies your goals, explores how to achieve them and sets your success plan in action. Each step of the way, you can see the progress you’re making and enjoy the confidence it brings. By planning your investments and minimising your risk, you are developing the thick skin that will make you resilient to unexpected changes to your income or expenditure.

Take Charge

Remember, life is not a rehearsal; our success is defined both by the goals we want to achieve and the way we live our lives along the way. It’s time to take a look at the challenges ahead and start taking charge today.