If you can dream it, you can save for it

Graeme PegmanFinancial Planning, Retirement Planning


Many of us daydream about the things we’d like in life, whether they’re tangible or not – but most of us resign these dreams to a fantasy. However, through the power of effective money management, you’d be surprised at what you can achieve with your savings. The vast majority of people are shocked when they work out how much money they spend frivolously, and what they could amass by saving it instead.

Turning your dreams into targets

Whether you’re dreaming of visiting exotic destinations, buying a new Ferrari or just having enough money to retire comfortably, there’s very little that can’t be achieved by managing your income and savings effectively – transforming your dreams into reality!

The first step in doing so is identifying exactly what you want to achieve and when, essentially turning your dream into a target. Undoubtedly for many, this will include a mixture of both tangible goods you want to buy and less tangible aspirations, such as putting money aside for retirement and for relatives to inherit. After you’ve established exactly what you want to achieve, it’s time to put a price on it – calculating exactly what it will ‘cost’ you and leaving you with a realistic figure to work towards.

Creating an action plan

Once you’ve got your goals set, it’s time to create a life plan in order to achieve them. It’s essential to seek advice from a professional when it comes to creating an action plan and sifting through the financial products and services available in order to understand which ones are going to help you the most with your saving efforts.

By closely examining your income and outgoings, you can create projections of where your bank balance is heading. And by adjusting your outgoings and ensuring that the money you do save is working effectively, you can create a solid financial plan – helping you get one step closer to your dreams every day.

If you’re ready to make a change and start saving for your own dreams, talk to the expert financial advisors at Vital Wealth Management. Our holistic approach can help you manage your money from all angles – achieving the best value and maximising your savings.